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Applause Africa


Applause Africa 40 under 40. The Change Maker issue

Over the last couple of months the Applause Africa team embarked on a journey to recognize 40 individuals under 40 in the African community. Our team came together in order to whittle down an excitingly long list of influential young Africans to just forty.

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Financial Times


Benefit corporations: Companies obliged to do good

Chid Liberty is founder of Liberty Justice, a for-profit fair-trade-certified company with a garment factory in Liberia that was established to employ women. He comments: “Often people go into business thinking they’ll do good, but sometimes they get pushed up against the wall and need to make tough decisions.”

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Humanity United Blog


Preventing conflict through social enterprise investments

Can social enterprises help address some of the causes and consequences of conflict? Massive unemployment in Liberia remains a critical risk for a resumption of violence, prompting Humanity United to recently deploy a series of grants to accelerate economic growth and generate employment.

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GOOD Magazine


Is the Social Enterprise Bubble About to Burst?

Over the past two months, GOOD has profiled organizations in Africa using market solutions to solve water and sanitation challenges, improve agriculture, and promote public health. Social enterprises like these are transforming development work, and social entrepreneurs are being hailed as rock stars.

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