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prAna Blog


prAna Initiates Fair Trade Apparel (video)

Can one tee initiate Global Change? It depends on what it represents. prAna is one of the few companies in the world to support Fair Trade Certified Apparel. Your purchase directly supports and empowers the people along the entire supply chain: the cotton farmer, garment workers and consumers.

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Office of the United States Trade Representative – Executive Office of the President

Barack Obama, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Remarks by Ambassador Demetrios J. Marantis

“Liberia has been on my mind since I first tasted its unique flavor. Not long ago, I bit down on a melegueta pepper, and enjoyed a pleasant and warm spice like no other. As its flavor lingered, I learned how this pepper was dubbed the ‘grain of paradise’ hundreds of years ago, and that Liberia and its neighbors were christened Africa’s ‘pepper coast.’

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Huffington Post


Shirt Off Your Back

Fact: “Big Cotton” in America grows poverty around the world. Since the days of legal slavery — a labor subsidy for cotton production — to today’s taxpayer-financed cotton grower welfare (which the majority of Americans oppose), the Made-in-America cotton that you wear is destroying economic opportunity for millions of cotton farmers around the world.

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Root Capital


Travel Journal: Root Capital visits LWSP

The Liberian Women’s Sewing Project (LWSP) is a sustainable apparel manufacturer based in Monrovia, Liberia. Established in 2009 by Liberian–American entrepreneur Chid Liberty, the company is part-owned and operated by Liberian women. The organization directs 75 percent of its profits toward community development projects.

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